DAX – Subtotals and Grand Totals That Add Up “Correctly”

  Busy week here at the MVP Summit in Redmond.  As usual, I can’t tell you anything I have learned this week – it’s strictly under NDA.  But I have seen some really exciting things – at one point today I screamed out loud “YES!” in a packed room, and a little while later I said “I don’t think we can be stopped if we had something like this.”  Where the “we” means us – me and you. Enough of that.  Here’s one from my archived list of “topics to cover on the blog at some point.” Sales per Day Measure Check out this relatively simple pivot: Note that the subtotals for [Sales per Day] do not equal the sum of their parts.  2002’s total is $17,891 but if I add Mountain Bikes plus Road Bikes myself, I get a number closer to $19,000: Totals don’t add up! The formula … Continue reading DAX – Subtotals and Grand Totals That Add Up “Correctly”