The [link removed due to 404] Great PowerPivot FAQ still gets great traffic every day, but I recently realized that no one had added any new FAQ items for a year.

Dave Boylan asked me a question the other day, and that triggered it:  I have been neglecting it, and it could use an infusion of new content and contributors.

Submitting items to the FAQ is quite easy, quick, and straight to the point.  A great place to gain some experience with the community without committing to writing full blog posts.

Even the FAQ Page here on the blog is piling up unanswered questions in comments. Answering one or two of those and adding it to the FAQ is a great place to start.

And you always get public credit for everything you submit.  You also get to add yourself to the [link removed due to 404] Contributors/Moderators list.  (I think there are some people in that list who never submitted anything, and I’m going to trim them out at some point, muhaha).

Dave Boylan and David Churchward both recently signed up.  Dave B then submitted [link removed due to 404] this entry on the EARLIER function.  (And another on market basket analysis).

If you are interested in becoming a FAQ contributor, drop me a note:  [email protected]