UFO Tracking in PowerPivot

Explore UFO Data.  And Try out “Sort by Slicers” for Yourself.

OK folks, Halloween is in one week.  Keeping in the spirit of Pivotstream “honoring” holidays with themed workbooks on the web, I think it’s only fair that we post the UFO workbook on Mr. Excel’s Hosted PowerPivot site.  So we have.

It’s a 26 MB workbook, but no worries – you don’t have to download it.  Just interact with it in the browser like it’s a web application…  which it is.  Click around, explore it, see if you find something that cracks the secret of Area 51.

And yes, this is the same workbook that I used for the Sort by Slicers post, the follow-on Sort by Alphabetical post, and the Hallucinogens and UFO Sightings post.  But we’ve added a few more report sheets since then too…

NoLoginRequiredNo Login Required!

Oh, I can hear the whining already.  “Oh, I gotta go look up the password you posted a few weeks back.  That’s hard.  I have more important things to do today.” 

Too much work for you eh?

Well I’ve got a deal for you.  We can now do purely “anonymous” demo sites.  That’s right, no login required folks.  Not even if you’re Phil himself.

Just click [link removed due to 404] this link, and you’re in!

At the moment, I believe this to be the only no-login PowerPivot internet site on the planet.  Well, almost.  We’re running a couple of other no-login demo sites for some of our Hosted PowerPivot customers, but they’re not ready for me to publicize that.  And no, you can’t find them either, because they are NOT using Pivotstream URL’s – they are using their own URL’s even though they are using our servers.

They will clear me to share those URL’s soon though I hope Smile

Not Enough for You?  OK, Download the Workbook and Modify It!

There have been some requests for me to share the UFO/Sort-by-Slicers workbook.  Well, you can’t download it from Mr. Excel’s site.  That’s one of the benefits of PowerPivot for SharePoint – you can publish workbooks and let people interact with them, but DENY them the ability to download the whole workbook.

That’s pretty important in most business scenarios.  There’s often a LOT of sensitive data in a PowerPivot workbook, and very often, even the formulas themselves represent valuable intellectual property – both are certainly true in Pivotstream’s workbooks for Walgreens-Duane Reade, for instance.  You can download a snapshot, which is almost like “printscreen to Excel,” but you can’t grab the good stuff.

So you’re gonna have to get the PowerPivot workbook itself somewhere else.

OK, I put the downloadable workbook [link removed due to 404] here.

Go get it, have fun.  I would not call it our most elegant work – this was for fun even though it came from a real data set.  So there’s a lot of room for improvement.  Which brings me to…

Share Your Improvements, and I’ll Post the Best to the Site

And since I shared the workbook with you, well, please share your modifications with me!

Send screenshots to [email protected], or send links to locations like dropbox – I don’t think our email will accept 26 MB files. 

I’ll take a look.  If I see any really cool mods, Mr. Excel and I will post them to his site for the world to see Smile


“Share Yourself Completely”