Neo: Are you saying that I can copy/paste formulas?
Morpheus: No Neo, I’m saying that you won’t have to.



Hi folks.  Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been on the road.  A lot.  This week I’m doing a doubleheader – consulting/training in New Mexico and then California, so I’m writing this on a plane between Denver and San Diego.  (I recently joked that I’m the PowerPivot version of Tyler Durden – never sleeping, crisscrossing the country setting up franchises of Pivot Club).  PowerPivot adoption is rapidly picking up and that has the ironic side effect of taking me away from the blog.

But the other reason I’ve been so quiet is that I submitted a two-part post to Microsoft’s official Excel blog rather than posting it here.  Some posts just “speak” to the Excel audience better than others, and this is one that I really want as many Excel folks to see as possible.  The majority of Excel pros have yet to discover PowerPivot, and I love being the bearer of good news.

The post is actually about an inherent weakness in all traditional spreadsheets.  One that I believe eats more than half of the average Excel pro’s time, if not more.  A weakness that PowerPivot obliterates… with a concept that I am calling Portable Formulas.

Part one of two is live today: Click here to view it on the Excel blog.