Using Excel CUBE Functions with PowerPivot

Arriving Here from a Search Engine or via Excel Help? This article below by Dick Moffat, as well as the one by Dany Hoter, is an excellent, detailed example of how to use cube functions with *any* OLAP data source, and NOT just PowerPivot.  Cube functions work the same with PowerPivot as they do with other OLAP sources like Analysis Services. I highly recommend reading both for examples and ideas. But if you want to use cube functions with just plain tables of regular data, you can do that with Excel 2010!  Just download PowerPivot (free addin from MS), copy/paste or link your tables of Excel data into PowerPivot sheet tabs, and you are off and running.  The New Visitor page has information on how to get started, including download links. And now, on to Dick’s excellent article… Using Excel Cube Functions with PowerPivot By Dick Moffat Personal Logic Associates … Continue reading Using Excel CUBE Functions with PowerPivot