Given that it’s Doppelganger Week on Facebook, I thought it was time to show you what I’ve been talking about.  Donald Farmer and Tommy Chong – not just separated at birth, but living intertwined lives ever since.

Check it out.

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Photos, Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Donald at University, Greenwich 1976; Donald’s “Medieval Archaeology” Period, date unknown; Tommy, artist’s rendering on side panel of 1968 VW Minibus, 1981; Donald’s famous Speaking Vest makes its debut on Redmond campus; Tommy, mugshot, 1998; Donald, TechEd 2006 speaker photo; Donald on day 25 of his late 2009, 9-country, 27-day speaking tour; Tommy’s guest speaker role at SP Conf 2009 going awry; Donald on Larry King’s Extreme Makeover Edition; Tommy’s inaugural “Power Hour” podcast, Days Inn, Boulder Colorado 2006.

(Yes, Donald selected me as one of his top 10 BI bloggers of the year, and THIS is how I repay him.)