Sean-Connery-The-Hunt-for-Red-October The worry is the Americans. We meet the right sort, this will work. But if we get some… buckaroo…?

-Captain Marko Ramius
aka “The Vilnius Schoolmaster”


A feel-good ending 🙂

You recall the guy who became upset with me after thinking that my RSS link hijacked his Google Reader?  He turned out to be a very nice guy.  Check out this email reply from him:

> Okay, I am sorry for my rampage, and I am sorry for unmotivated(pretty much) personal attack to an unfamiliar person.(You can smack me in the face for that, next time you be in Vilnius.Once.) And I hope I did not do too much damage(I don’t think I did), for whoever asks in the future you can just forward this email. As for the "angry passage", well I was pretty sure that this another wise trick/form of advertising to increase visibility of the specific website such as PPP or smth, it kinda gets on your nerves when you realize that the same webpage, no matter what you do, appears first when you open your GR/referesh/do whatever, for a week or so. Obviously,I should have contacted you in person first. Obviously.

> As I said, I regret my actions, and appologise. I’ll do some testing with other wordpress blogs, and will see if the behavior is the same.

> Then I will send "angry passage" to the WordPress. Haha, just kidding.

> Peace and have a good one. 
> Yours sincerely,
> The lunatic from Vilnius

How cool is that?  I died laughing at the “you can smack me in the face.  Once” part 🙂

And he also agreed that I could visit him if I ever find myself in Vilnius :)  So by keeping my cool about it, I discovered a pretty incredible person and made a new friend.  That feels pretty good.

By the way

Dick Moffat reported to me that he saw similar behavior the other day with Google Reader and another site.  Which brings me to the obvious conclusion:

Google fears PowerPivot.