I was quite pleased with the response to my call for volunteer FAQ moderators.  I am very excited about the number of people who signed up, as well as the diverse backgrounds and skillsets represented.

Even more exciting, though, was the enthusiasm of the responses.  People really went to the mat explaining why I should pick them.  I felt awkwardly empowered, like I was throwing out beads at Mardi Gras or something 🙂  Enthusiasm goes a long way in my experience, and given the level of it that I saw, I did not have to say no to anyone, which is fabulous 🙂

So here are your humble volunteers in alphabetical order (by first name):

PowerPivot FAQ Moderators

Contact info for all of the moderators can be found [link removed due to 404] here.

How you can help

1) If you have a question that is not answered in the [link removed due to 404] FAQ, let one of us know.  You have lots of people to choose from now 🙂

2) If you see an item in the FAQ that could be improved or clarified, again, let one of us know.

3) Help spread the word.  If you see a question asked somewhere else, and you know that the FAQ answers it, please post a link in that forum, linking over to the FAQ item that answers it.  Or if you participate in a forum or event where you think people might want to know about the FAQ, please share it.  Blog it.  Help us get the word out.

4) Be kind to the volunteers.  Maybe even drop them a note of thanks if one of their FAQ items improves your day 🙂