In case you hadn’t seen, there have been big changes to the official PowerPivot site recently.

Three things in particular worth checking out:

1) Hands-On Demo of Published Workbooks Web Apps

Wanna see what a PowerPivot report can look like once it’s published to SharePoint?

No need to just look at screenshots or recorded demos – you can try it out yourself!

    Click here to interact with live PowerPivot apps!

2) Library of new videos

Michele Hart is a tech writer for the PowerPivot team, and she has quite a cool series of videos going.  She already has a dozen great videos posted, going from install of the client addin up through data import, relationship creation, etc.

   View the videos!

(The “HOW TO” videos are the new ones, at the bottom.  And don’t forget to scroll left and right thru the list).

3) Online Virtual Lab

OK, this isn’t new, but if you missed it before, be sure to check it out.  You can run the entire PowerPivot client environment without installing anything locally.  It’s pretty cool, both as a PowerPivot demo, and as a demo of the general-purpose power of virtualization and remote connections.

   Check it out here

(When exploring the lab, make sure to at least skim the instructions on the right, since it tells you where you can get data to import).

Feedback?  Let me know!

If you have any feedback on any of this official content, you can let me know on the blog here or via email ([email protected]) and I will make sure it gets to the right people.

…now back to informal content 🙂