With everyone getting their hands on CTP3, I decided to take a short break from the football project and show something else that may spark you to try things you otherwise might not.

So, let’s go behind the scenes of the Temperature Mashup example (that’s mentioned here and here).

Part One:


Part Two:



Briefly, here are the steps covered in the videos:

  1. Copying the temperature data from Excel and pasting as a new table in PowerPivot
  2. Using CONCATENATE to create “key” columns in both the Temperature and Sales tables
  3. Creating a relationship between those tables, using the key columns created in 2
  4. Demonstrating that the relationship enables slicing sales by temperature
  5. Using a nested IF formula to add a new column to the Temperature table, mapping granular average temperature values into the four buckets Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot
  6. Using that newly-calculated column to slice sales numbers instead

Next up…

Using DAX to create a “Sales per Day” measure! 🙂