Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.  I am not making this up – 1) There IS a SharePoint Samurai, and he is quite famous in the SharePoint community.  and 2) He DID do some artistic SharePoint Fairy interpretations in PhotoShop:

SharePoint Fairy by Samurai v1   SharePoint Fairy by Samurai v2

(CORRECTION:  These imges were taken/rendered by Marcy Kellar, not the Samurai.  Apologies to Marcy.  See more of her work from the SharePoint conference here: )

The SharePoint Samurai’s name is Michael Gannotti, and he does actually wear his Samurai outfit to conventions.  I had not heard of him until recently, but he is quite the presence in the SharePoint scene:

The SharePoint Samurai, Michael Gannotti

(Click image to visit his impressive site, complete with SharePoint Fairy interview!)

BI and Excel Pros – do we have anything like the Samurai and the Fairy?  I think not.  The gauntlet has been thrown down by the SharePoint community.

Who among us will take up this challenge?