I just “met” Kasper a few weeks ago via Twitter, and quickly found out he’s a basketball nut – he plays the game a lot, and watches NBA broadcasts at some very strange hours 🙂

I challenge you to watch this video, listen to his voice, and imagine him as anything other than a seven-foot-tall shot-blocking monster in the lane.  Yeah, he claims he is six-foot-three and a perimeter shooter.  Sure he is.  Self-report is a notoriously unreliable survey technique Kasper, so I’ll just stick to extrapolating wildly from small amounts of unrelated data, OK? 🙂

Jokes aside, it’s a great video.  He shows off some things that I have not, such as pulling data into PowerPivot from an SSAS cube, and using the Remove Duplicates feature in Excel to clean one of his tables.  Bravo!